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Why select us? Inverter manufacturers often offer expensive support services to their customers, who have no other maintenance opportunities for their machines. Moreover, standard electronic repair workshops, which have no specific expertise in the sector, are also not able to provide comprehensive service: general repair workshops may not be experienced in the various breakdown conditions and for this reason it often happens that an inverter keeps breaking down or being subject to malfunctioning. Sometimes a photovoltaic plant has not been designed appropriately or simply is not manufactured correctly or has problems related to grid connection. This means that basic repair work on the electronic board may not have a long-term effect.

If you are dealing with the failure of an inverter, Sunergise will provide you with a professional, cheaper solution for the operation of your plants.



Sunergise consists of a team of experienced engineers and technicians in the fields of plants and renewable energy sources. For years, we have delivered photovoltaic installations to our clients to help them save energy in their homes and companies. Our mission has always been, and still is, to advise our clients about the best available solution for them. Over the years, Sunergise has also specialized in servicing to make sure that our partners’ investments yield the expected results.

This is why we offer a variety of maintenance and repair services, now accessible online


We first ask you to describe what has happened and the machine’s faults as accurately as possible, by filling a repair order form that we send you soon after your contact. As we receive this information, we inform you whether or not we can help you with your problem and in the affirmative, what options we can offer you. If you decide to send us your inverter at your charge, we check its functions in our workshop and start the necessary troubleshooting and repair.


We start working based on the results of the diagnostic tests made on a special test bench. The process usually takes 15 working days and ends with a complete burn-in test. Repairs are covered by a 6-month guarantee policy.

Some inverters, such as Aurora PVI 50/55/67 Kw, can be repaired in shorter times for a flat rate at special guarantee conditions.


to work out the most convenient shipment solution remember to inform us before you send the inverter and then to send us the shipment details.

Operation  & Maintenance (O&M)

The experience gained over the years building electrical and photovoltaic systems, repairing inverters and collaborating with the main Operation and Maintenance operators in Italy made us able to quickly and effectively solve the normal and extraordinary management problems of a photovoltaic plant in Perugia.

Our company relies on a flexible and easy-to-activate structure, including technicians who gained experience in multinational companies.

Our customer approach is transparent and positive and it is aimed at establishing a long-term collaboration.

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we provide assitance and repair services for many brands, including:


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